Panel Topics 2016


Writing Great Content

"We’re No Drama Queens. Women Comedy Writers”

Breaking into the comedy arena. Breaking stereotypical character types. (Bad Moms, Grace & Frankie, Ghostbusters 3 Absolutely Fabulous, etc.) Are women our own biggest obstacles in comedy?


“I Want to Write. Now What?”  

For beginners. Where to start? What materials to read? Groups? Seminars? Webinars? What format to use? Do I Need an Agent? Television or Film?



Women, Diversity: Where Do We Go From Here?

“Bringing Diversity to Mainstream Media”

Defining and Creating non-traditional, non stereotypical roles for Latin Women.


Producing Great Content

“Getting it Done – From Concept to Air”

Producers share how they developed their projects and created TV programs and films we've all come to love:


“Show Me The Money: Innovate Ways to Get Your Film in Development”

To Be Announced


Documentary Filmmaking 

To Be Announced


"Distribution: Ok so I finally Got it done. How can I make sure people see my film”

Movie theaters or online. Distribution Companies or Do It Myself. Panelists will take about the latest avenues, trends and methods to get your film seen by the right audience.  


Making it in Show Business

Can I really be a filmmaker and still pay my rent? How do I make a living and develop my career as a filmmaker or film industry professional too.  

The Internet: New Media, New Opportunities

"It’s all Digital: How Today’s Digital Creators are Monetizing Original Content"

“Conquering the Internet. Writing and Developing Your Web Series” 

Exploring the possibilities of writing content for the internet. How to utilize the web to launch or enhance your career Webisodes, Documentaries, Trailers for possible pick up?


Master Classes

Acting Master Class

To Be Announced


How To Sign With A Top Agent & Book Tv Commercials

To Be Announced

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